Like most ladies you probably have a closet full of shoes. Some are your favorites that you can’t live without while others are probably some you bought on the spur of the moment and will never really wear. Guys don’t understand why a woman has to have so many shoes and trust me it’s not something easy to explain. Shoes are beautiful and an extension of ourselves and our style. Shoes give a woman confidence and make her feel beautiful. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that the right pair of shoes can make a bad day turn great. They also match our mood so in an essence shoes are an extension of ourselves. No matter of how many shoes you own there are certain types of shoes your wardrobe needs like these definite must haves we are about to discuss.


Kitten Heels


Kitten Heels: Every woman needs a pair of comfortable reasonable heeled black shoes.  These shoes are great for interviews, work affairs and generally when you just need a comfortable heel that’s not a stiletto or higher than 2 inches.  Also considered the classic pump, you really can’t go wrong with these in your shoe wardrobe.



Ballet Flats


Ballet Flats: Personally, these are the most versatile pair of shoes you can own.  They’re great for work and the weekend, traveling, shopping, hanging out and just about anywhere you go they can go too.  You can never have too many flats but stick to a few basic colors like black patent, leopard print brown metallic and a fun poppy color.




Sneakers: Whether working out or running around a good pair of sneakers is a must have.  Not just a pair of casual shoes but sneakers with support for your arches to prevent injuries and comfort for when you have to be on your feet for long periods of time


Nude Pumps


Nude Pumps: When in doubt, wear a nude pump.  Totally versatile the nude pump is the perfect neutral shoe to wear to any event with any outfit whether skinny jeans or an evening dress.




Wedges: easier to wear than a traditional stiletto, wedges are great transitional shoes that will carry you from summer into fall.  They give you the height and elongation you want with less stress on your foot that regular high heel shoes




Oxfords: A male shoe at best, the oxford shoe is a great shoe to wear with vintage clothing.  They’re ultra classy and give a strong feel to any outfit.


High Heels


High Heels: Going out for a night on the town or ladies night?  Either way this is the time to let your feet shine.  High heels have a no hold bars appeal to them so you can have fun with them.  Go with a pointed toe or a peep toe to elongate the line.




Espadrilles: Thinking about doing some traveling? The perfect shoe to have in your wardrobe then is a slip on espadrille.  Not only is a chic and fashionable shoe but the slip on and off ease is great at airport terminals.  Go either flat or add some height in a wedge, either way espadrilles are a definite must have in a summer shoe collection.


Flat Sandals


Flat Sandals: Classier than flip flops, flat sandals are a definite go to wear in the warmer months.  Flip flops are meant for the beach or when taking a shower in an unknown place whereas flat sandals are just as comfortable and look so much better on your feet.


Canvas sneakers


Canvas sneakers: Regular tennis sneakers are for running and working out so for a causal yet fashionable pair of sneakers to wear with jeans have a pair of canvas sneakers on hand.  Somehow you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Keds or Converse sneakers