Proverbs are short statements of wisdom or advice, which is passed on from generation to generation. The most common proverb in Ghana is ‘when your hand is in someone’s mouth, you don’t hit them on the end’.

Idioms are words whose overall meaning is different from the meaning of the words spoken. The first idiom I heard was ‘to beat one’s brain out’ and I actually thought it was really beating one’s brain out and I vehemently objected to idiom whenever my teacher used it, I think I realised what they meant when I was about seven years old.

Defining a word is to give the meaning of the word or phrase. So the definition for the word ‘Dilute’ is to make a liquid weaker or less.

Proverbs and Idioms are often misunderstood by people, and I am sure a few people will agree with me that the definition of a word can sometimes require inferences from the definition of another word. Over the years, I concluded that the English language was just too complicated, so I decided to invent an understanding of Proverbs and Idioms and in so doing I discovered a very logic and easier definitions for some words that I adopted and used for my everyday understanding. I will share a few with you and leave you to decide if my adoption is easier and more relevant.
Rumour is the sound that travels at the speed of light.
College is a place where other pursues learning while rest learn to pursue.
Fathers are bankers my nature.
A miser is a person who lives poor just to die rich.
Yawning is the only time some married men get to open their mouths.
Office is a place to run away to from the torture at home.
A boss is someone who is early when you are late and late when you early.
A Diplomat is a person who tells you to go to hell in such a way you actually look forward to the trip.
A pessimist is a person who says the letter O is the last letter of zero instead of the first letter in opportunity.
An optimistic is a person who takes a bath when he accidentally falls into a river.
Thieves are no different from the other guys except they get caught.
A doctor is a person who kills your ills with pills then kills you with bills.
Marriage is when a man loses his bachelors’ degree and a woman gains her masters.
Experience is the name men give to their mistakes.
The Atomic bomb is an invention that ends all inventions.
Tears are when the male hydrological power is overtaken by the female hydrological power.
Rape is forcing yourself into someone when they really do not want you there.
Kidnapping is stealing someone without their permission.
Some of the English proverbs are just intricate and full of twists and turns. I just came to a point when I just did not agree with some of them.
A word to the wise is not enough. It is totally a waste of time, simply because they are wise so why give them words that every wise person knows?
Birds of the some feather do not always flock together. They just happen to confuse their owners.
Practice makes perfect, yet no one is perfect, so why insist that practice makes perfect?
According to science light travels faster than sound and almost everyone agrees, if so then we should also agree that people appear bright until you hear them speak
Our future depends on our dreams, this is just encouraging the youth to sleep more and work less

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