We usually think nothing of the way we sleep as a individual or a couple. But psychology has proven that how a couple sleeps says if not a lot , rather important things about their relationship. Here are a few things about what a couple sleep pattern says about their relationship.


#1 The Cliff Hanger


Sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, often facing outwards. Signals distance in the relationship, or if it’s seldom, the couple just needs a good night sleep.


#2 The Crab


Various position in the bed, not touching. Signals issues in relationship where one partner needs space and the other needs more intimacy.


#3 Shingles


Man on back, female on back, resting head in crevice of man’s shoulder. Woman dependent on man.


#4 Pillow Talk


Face To Face not touching. Need for one on one contact and conversation.


#5 Hollywood


Man on back, woman laying head on man’s chest. New relationship.


#6 Lover’s Knot


Face to face, legs intertwined for 10 minutes, or until couple falls asleep. Loving independence, intimacy, sexual activity.


#7 Spoon Male Inside


Man needs love and nurturing


#8 Spoon Female Inside


Male is loving and protective.


#9 Cherish


Back to back touching. Comfortable, intimate, relaxed


#10 Liberty


Back to back, not touching. Connected yet independent.