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Are You Dating Or In A Relationship?

I realized most people assume Dating and Being in A Relationship mean the very same thing. However that is not the case. Dating is related to going on dates. It is never really anything serious.Being in A Relationship is a bit serious and is a great deal of  commitment. One Man One Woman or One Man One Man ( depending on your sexuality). I am guilty for misu[...]

Cry Me A River: 20 Reasons Why You Will Never Get Over Your Ex

So, it’s over. You don’t know what to do with yourself.  You spend countless nights crying your ass off, wondering WHY, stalking his Facebook page — or worse, his new girl’s page. You constantly call and text to say how much you love and miss him, but then you wonder why you can’t get over him. Let’s face it: The real reason why you can’t get over him is b[...]

Know Your Body Shape: Men

We tend to ignore our body shape and how we should dress it. You probably asking why you should bother and if your body shape is a big deal considering you have no estrogen issue (women issues).  Well women tend to care about their looks not so much on dressing their shape as long as they can pull that outfit off it will happen.  I can explain why so many gu[...]

Obia Ntu Ni “Collection”

Ei!!!! So now we get fined in the church because we are talking? 1000cedis is now the new fine for talking in church? This pastor though. Honestly where in the bible does it require a man of God to fine his followers for talking in the house of God? I am not sure what is happening in the religion. It has turned into some serious business. Some are letting[...]

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